Life Astrology Report

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Life Report

Life Report

You can know about your work, relationships, marriage, children, finances, property, international trips, curses, general health, and education in the Life report. These factors are taken into account when entire astrology charts, including birth charts, moon charts, navamsa and bhava charts, etc., are created and then the interpretation is made. This is the greatest report for a thorough horoscope life analysis, and it's what the majority of our clients choose.

About Life Astrology Report

Based on Vedic Indian astrology, your Nakshatra, Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Birth Ascendant.

The final result based on the various charts studies is then written in the report as interpretation. Complete astrology charts with the most accurate and detailed calculations (includes Birth Chart, Moon Chart, Navamansha & Bhava Charts, Sudarshan Chakra, Shodashvarga, Graha And Bhava Bala) are formed.

Dasha periods: How your planets would impact you at such times and how they might effect you generally. We assess the current dasha and mention the numerous life phases over the following ten years.

This particular report will provide you with:

  • Effects of your horoscope’s 12 houses and 9 planets.
  •  Which Dasha is currently active?
  •  How has the Dasha affected your life?
  •  When in the Dasha are the favourable times?
  •  Which gemstone is best for you?
  •  Is there any major dosh, like kaal sarp, manglik or gand mool dosh?
  •  The best astrological remedies to assist you achieve your goals and aspirations.

You have no control over some events in your life, but you do have some control over a few others through your actions and thoughts. We have the ability to predict future events with a high degree of accuracy. We can also predict both positive and negative developments in a variety of areas, including love, relationships, marriage, children, money, career advancement, overseas travel, curses, and general health. As a result, we can inform you of upcoming smooth and bumpy patches.

Horoscope-based recommendations for lucky gem stones, including their optimal weight, colour, and metal to embed in. To get the most out of wearing your lucky stone, complete wearing instructions, a mantra for the stone, and other important suggestions will be provided, along with precautionary measures.

Vedic remedies that have been tried and tested to produce results are suggested, along with suggestions for your own mantra, yantra, fasting, donations, pujas, and homams after a thorough astrological analysis, in order to counteract negative influences and enhance positive outcomes. You could have a much more contented, fruitful, peaceful, and prosperous life as a result—both now and in the future.

Within 30 days, please contact us if you have any issues about the created report. We will be happy to assist you.

We believe in always delivering more than expected.

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